ACL 2012: A review.

 This was our second year in a row to get to attend ACL and we waited anxiously, for over a year, to get to put on our 3-day passes. Last year we just went 1 day but Jordan hit the lottery and scored us passes for $50 each. At the time we had no clue who the line-up would be…so we crossed our fingers and hoped it would not disappoint.

Here are my top 5 (in no particular order):

1. The Avett Brothers. So much energy and just incredibly talented. I have seen them once before as an opening act, but this time they killed it. (While waiting for this show we met some entertaining super fans from North Carolina. One of them told me her personal life story and the other told Jordan way more than he wanted to know about a number of topics.)

2. Weezer. This was a greatest hit show and it was perfect. They were so much fun to watch and I was reminded of just how much I really love that band. AND they played “Greatest Man That Ever Lived” so 100 points to Weezer.  

3. The Civil Wars. Amazing live and the most kind in person. We have officially become super fans. Just quiz me on my Civil Wars knowledge. I will get at least 3/4 of the questions correct.  (It felt like it was 10 billion degrees before this show so I was thankful to have an umbrella. When you are the keeper of the shade it is interesting to see who wants to be your friend. One boy became my best friend and chatted me up about oil until Jordan came back and quickly turned the conversation to zombies.)

4. The Roots. {I silently hoped that Jimmy Fallon would make a cameo, but alas it did not happen.} The Roots were freaking fantastic. The only time they would stop moving  was to “freeze” in various poses which was hilarious. Quest Love, you are precious. Just FYI.  (Prior to this show we got monsooned on for a solid 30 minutes. Our attempt at staying dry was very weak but we were determined to be as close to the stage as possible. One guy made it back to his group saying that he had never been so thankful to hangout in a port-a-potty before.)

5. Father John Misty. I have mentioned my love for FJM before but, people, seeing him dance, crawl, and lounge all over the place was more than I had hoped for. He was truly entertaining and I am putting him on my “Must See Again” list. (Side note: He would tell a short story between each song, kept it classy by tucking his shirt back in, and wore heart-shaped sunglasses. What a man)

Honorable Mention:

1. Jack White. I love Jack White and was so looking forward to seeing him perform. He is such an amazing musician and his band was made up of all girls {points there} but overall I was a little disappointed. So we were ready to leave…but then he went and played Seven Nation Army and totally redeemed himself.

2. The Baylor Choir. Talk about an uplifting experience for your Sunday morning! Such open hearts and beautiful voices. I had chills. And if I closed my eyes I felt like I was back in South Africa. It was an unexpectedly wonderful moment in the weekend.

3. M83. We were warned not to try to see M83 again…but we did not listen. Actually, I did not listen. The memory of seeing them a few months before was still with me and I wanted an equally as incredible show. Big bummer because that did not happen. They were great, but the sound where we were was terrible and there was a random girl shouting about how she was going to get a tattoo like Fiona Apple. When her friends asked her how she felt about being unoriginal she said, “A compliment is the highest form of flattery.”  At this statement I was done and we walked to M.Ward, who was very good live.

4. Gary Clark Jr. This guy. No words for his performance other than ridiculously good.

Favorite Moments:

1. Walking in and seeing all the people with the Austin sky-line in the background.

2. A girl was convinced that was walking in poop while making her way through the mud.

3. Meeting the Civil Wars.

4. The food. Oh mercy. Mighty Cone, you will always have a piece of my heart.

5. I have to give myself a pat on the back for not having to use the port-a-potty 1 time. Yay self!

6. That husband of mine was able to get us $50 3-day passes again! Cheers to next year!