Madisyn Rylee Weaver

A million-billion-trillion congrats to my brother and sister-in-law! They are having a baby girl!! Madisyn Rylee, you will look fetching in this onesie and we love you already.


Welcome April.

I have never experienced a month go by so quickly as I did with March. Mercy! It seems like just yesterday I was sharing the goodness that was to be happening that month and it is now over. March was wonderful and exhausting. Jordan and I traveled non stop, spent time with some of our most favorite people, watched live music, ran in our first 10K with my cousin and uncle (this was a spontaneous event that we loved/regretted around mile 4 and the next day. A side note for the photos above: I took the first two from the website so they are blurry. But it is good enough quality to prove that we did it ), got to meet some great people at the Texas Student Leadership Forum this weekend, and ended the weekend with our 2 year engagaversary (a word I have stolen from my adorable friend Courtney.)

I have always loved April (Easter, Reese’s Eggs, pastels, best friend and family birthdays…)and have come up with a few goals for the month:

–Celebrate my sweet cousin Bill’s 5th birthday (mind blown at this fact!) and Uncle Forrest’s 50th! They have the same birthday and I can think of no better way to celebrate the lives of these top-notch Weavers. It is also my best friend, Letice’s birthday! Cake all around!

–Spring cleaning. Nothing in particular, just cleaning. Maybe I will even paint a chair or two in the dining area. I would also love to get a few things hung in the bedroom.

–This may sound selfish, but I want to try to take more time for myself. Whether that is training for a half marathon (My cousin and I are shooting for one in October), doing yoga in the morning, or just taking Lemon on more walks I have been really needing time to just clear my head and unwind the constant questions surrounding the future.

–Read the Hunger Games. Cliche` but yes.

–Figure out what to do with the danged vase and apothecary jars on my fire-place. We are in a love hate relationship at the moment.

I hope you are having a wonderful monday! In honor of Jordan getting us tickets to see Tenacious D this summer I leave you with Jack Black:


Today I…


–Am thinking of my time in Florida, that wonderful place. The water is full or gators and manatees and the tap water smells like rotten eggs. It made this girl so relaxed  for 7 days and that was too nice.

–am still on an emotional high from Harry Potter World/Universal. Jordan received the Best Husband Ever award (see picture above) he made my inner  7-year-old self  happy, including roller coasters, chocolate frogs, Luna Lovegood’s wand, a new coffee mug from Zonkos, sweets from Honeydukes, and butterbeer just to name a few. That husband, just the greatest.

–am still feeling very brave from my Gator/Manatee Boat Tour. We did not see any manatees, sadly, but we did see enough gators to make you feel pretty uncomfortable to be in a boat. However, I have watched a lot of Swamp People in my day so I think I would have been alright if the boat had gone down.

–am beyond thankful for the time I got to spend with Jordan’s grandparents. They are some of the funniest and greatest people I have been around.

–also so thankful for my in-laws. I had such a great time with them in Florida and could not be more lucky to have married into such a kickin family.

–will be in Austin. This is trip number 1 of 2 this month to that beautiful place. Young the Giant…here we come.

–am listening to a awesome 90s Smash Hits playlist on Spotify.

Have a great weekend one and all!

Today I…

  • am just bursting with joy over the fact that my brother and sister-in-law are going to HAVE A BABY IN OCTOBER!!! I can’t even stand how excited I am for them!!! Watch out Etsy, you won’t know what hit you when I get to spending my hard-earned on beautiful things for my future lil.  
  • have a mind is full of thoughts about babies, crazy dogs, car trips and family.
  • will be in Midland in a of handful of hours.
  • am listening to Eisley and Dispatch and loving it.
  • am thinking of my upcoming trip to Florida and the amount of sundresses, TOMS, wedges, and shorts I need to pack.
  • am wearing new boots. Thank you Dillard’s for your bountiful 65% off sale which made my dream of owning Steve Madden motorcycle boots a reality.
  • am remembering this time last year I was living in Austin and preparing my mind for the chaos that is SXSW. Beautiful and stressful chaos. This was also when Cassie told me that hair feathers were unprofessional. Both a sad and true statement.
  • am wishing on every wishing stone I can find that Tenacious D will be at ACL this year since they will be at SXSW.
  • remembered why I hate Dicky’s bbq. But thanks Madewell for getting me the goods anyway.
  • have started to realize how much I rely on instant gratification. I am finding it more difficult to wait for things then I used to. I want to know now where we will be in a year, I want to know now what job Jordan will have when he graduates, I want my future lil to be here now, I want an oompa loompa now…just call me Varuca Salt.

  • am thankful for coffee on cold days and the 12 snowflakes I saw while driving to work.
  • am still so happy to have Lauren home.
  • praying hard for Tanis’ little nephew who will have kidney surgery in the next few months.
  • hope that you have a wonderful Friday, Friday!

Thankful Thursday. Thankful March.

 This is the only image I could think  of to describe just HOW EXCITED, yes I over use this word, I am about the happenings of March. What better way to depict my joy than with a dancing cupcake child?

My reasons for thankfulness are as follows:

1. One of my most favorite people in the whole WORLD is finally coming home from South Korea on Saturday!!!!!!!!! Lauren has been teaching, exploring, and instagraming for the past 3 1/2 million months in Seoul. I am so proud of her for taking this trip and for the difference she has made in the lives of those around her. My heart has been a little broken since she has been gone and I know there are so so many people who are ready for her to be home. Prayers for a safe journey!

Photobucket2. This month I will go on my first Parnell Family vacation to Florida. This will be my first time to the State of Dexter and I can hardly wait. Beaches, Grandparent time, HARRY POTTER WORLD, good food, Harry Potter World and Harry Potter World are just a few of the things that I am looking forward to while we are there. I have dreaming of going to HPW (if you will) since I first heard they were building it a couple of years ago. This photo is not far from how I looked when I watched the first promotional video of all wonders that the park would offer. I have already warned Jordan that I would probably cry when we got there. He has been informed…so that eliminates the desire to mock me right? I think so too.

3. We love St. Patrick’s Day in this family. We have decided to celebrate St. Patty’s in a big way rather than Valentine’s last month. Green>Red & Pink.

4. Jordan and I get to go to Austin TWICE this month. Count them: 1,2! We have so missed Austin and we are beyond pumped to get to be there in a few weeks. The first time is to go see Young the Giant at Stubbs with my cousin and her husband (a trip we have been looking forward to since November). The second time is for a leadership conference that Jordan is going to be a part of and I am helping set up for.

5. (This is a thankful from Lems) She gets to spend a week with my parents in Midland while we are in Florida. This means lots of outside time, wrestling with Linus and Toby, and some running around with my brother and Samantha’s dogs when they come visit. If Lems could understand what was  going on she would probably cry with joy too.
Finally, a quick shout out to last month. God has been so good to our family. His love for us has been so evident in each blessing and each trial. There is so much more that I want to tell about February, but it is still being processed. God is faithful and more than good.

Happy Thursday!

Yay Prom!

This past Saturday was the first weekend of Project Prom at the Bridge (where Jordan is doing his internship this semester). This is a time when High School girls and guys can come pick out prom dresses, tuxes, and accessories without any charge. Last year they helped over 200 girls and are hoping to do the same this year. My sweet friends and I went out there on Saturday to help girls pick out what they wanted. We had such a good time and I am so thankful to have had them there with me!

Happy Monday!

Current favorites and what I am attempting to “lent” out

–I must be in a constant state of dehydration because recently I cannot get enough water. I also like to think that I look like Jennifer Aniston when I drink Smartwater. Maybe.
–Thanks to my super Nike running band, I have happily (sometimes) re-introduced daily exercise to my life.
–It is Cuties season! YAY!! I have eaten 4 today and have orange fingers from peeling them all. Like Cheetos fingers but healthy.
–As I mentioned before, I love Essie nail polish and this color is my newest love.

This year, is the first year, that I have decided to give something up for lent. I am going with the following.
Dr. Pepper (10s included) and sweets. I am on day 1 and am already experiencing some serious cravings. There is a little bowl of Valentine’s candy that mocks me sits on my desk and I have caught myself looking at it longingly. This is the same for Dr. Pepper…

I am not sure if you are supposed to give up something that keeps you away from spirituality for lent, or just something random, but I know that it will take lots of prayer to get me through 40 days without either of these things. So I am going to say that counts.

Hope you have a great Wednesday and good luck with whatever you choose, if you do decide, to lent.