Loving: Finally feeling like I have found a routine with life here. There are a number of things that I miss about Jordan and I having our own space but for now I am finding peace with where we are. This cannot be said without mentioning my wonderful parents for keeping us under your new roof. Y’all are the best. Really and truly. I also got to spend some time with two of my favorites at a beautiful wedding last weekend. Big congrats to Mr and Mrs Lowery!

Reading: Starting Mockingjay and just finished Catching Fire! It only took me forever. The only other time that it has taken me an obnoxiously long time to get through a book, that I really liked, was Harry Potter 5. It took 2 years! Just crazy. I constantly have Special Topics of Calamity Physics on stand by when I need something different and I hope to re-(re)-read The Perks of Being a Wallflower {So excited for that movie. I cried during the trailer.}

Watching: Now that the Olympics are over probably not much of anything with the exception of HGTV. That channel is like TV cocaine.

Anticipating: Ugh…probably more than I should. I feel like I am in a constant state of anticipation, specifically about work and running. Planning events for work, still being new to my job, and training for this half marathon in October have really gotten to me. Funny how, at times, the things that we enjoy can still stress us out.

Listening: The Hunger Games on CD and  Regina Spektor: What We Saw From The Cheap Seats. Such a good album. To me, this is one of those “push replay swiftly after you finish” albums. She could sing a song about a time-traveling goldfish and it would still be beautiful. I have also fallen in love with NPR. I listen to it non-stop in my car. {I also love that I have a 0% chance of hearing “Call Me Maybe” on this station. Sweet relief for the ears.}

Planning: Our next trip to Lubbock this week  to welcome home Jordan’s brother. He has spent the summer in Maine and will soon be on his way to Washington DC. Such an adventurous spirit, that brother-in-law of mine. I am also looking forward to all the August birthdays! {Mom, me, and brother!}

Working On: Finding some motivation to start getting up earlier in the morning. I have big dreams of coffee, bagels, journals, and morning yoga…but this is always replaced by a crazy rush of a morning where sitting down is only an option when driving to work. And I am always generally running late.

Wishing: That you are having a wonderful August so far and that you eat lots of snocones to help take an edge off the heat.


4 1/2 days in Austin.

{And I did not take a single picture. *Shame* Instead I have borrowed from the internet to make it more colorful}

Jordan and I arrived in that beautiful city on Wednesday evening and were immediately welcomed by some of our favorites, Seth, Erin, and Tank.

Thursday we ate Torchy’s (please Midland open your arms to this place so I can have it in my life on a more consistent basis), ran around town, prepared our minds for Tenacious D, and stuffed ourselves with Homeslice.

{Hands down one of the best shows I have ever attended. Although, I feel like I say that each time I go to a new concert. One day I will rank them all, but for now The D is in my top 5. They did not disappoint, so *thank you Tenacious D}

Friday we set out for the Pedernales (one of my most favorite places in Austin) to swim and spend the day. Our day was cut short, however, due to Seth’s great fall on the rocks. The poor guy had a nasty gash in his elbow that required 4 stitches, a  much-needed trip to P. Terry’s, and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Saturday was Batman day. This movie was amazing. Please go see it right away.

Sunday my lovely friend Cassie hosted brunch before we packed up to leave. {That girl can make a fritatta.} Jordan and I spent the rest of our time in Austin at Whole Foods where I tried convince myself that I could get a plant to travel safely back to Midland with me. No such luck.

We had such a wonderful 4 1/2 days and were so sad to leave. But we drove back to Midland ready for what was to come in this week…JORDAN’S FIRST WEEK OF WORK!!! Praise the Lord. I am just so proud of that husband 🙂

*Continued thank you’s and other thoughts on the weekend:
-Thank you to Seth and Erin, as always, for opening your home to us.
-Thank you to Erin for running (and walking lots) with me and still wanting to be my friend in spite of my complaining.
-Thank you to Tank for being a very persistent peeping Tom while Jordan was showering. (And to be clear, Tank is a dog.)
-Thank you to Cassie and Andrew for making us yummy food and mimosas.
-Thank you to Hannah Love for working at a place with a rocking aquarium which made me feel like I was in Romeo and Juliet when I say you on the other side of the glass.
-My heart is broken for Colorado and all that the state has gone through this summer. Lots and lots of prayers for healing.
-Thank you UTPB for giving my husband a job so that we can live in the same town again. I mean really, this is just the best.


Welcome April.

I have never experienced a month go by so quickly as I did with March. Mercy! It seems like just yesterday I was sharing the goodness that was to be happening that month and it is now over. March was wonderful and exhausting. Jordan and I traveled non stop, spent time with some of our most favorite people, watched live music, ran in our first 10K with my cousin and uncle (this was a spontaneous event that we loved/regretted around mile 4 and the next day. A side note for the photos above: I took the first two from the website so they are blurry. But it is good enough quality to prove that we did it ), got to meet some great people at the Texas Student Leadership Forum this weekend, and ended the weekend with our 2 year engagaversary (a word I have stolen from my adorable friend Courtney.)

I have always loved April (Easter, Reese’s Eggs, pastels, best friend and family birthdays…)and have come up with a few goals for the month:

–Celebrate my sweet cousin Bill’s 5th birthday (mind blown at this fact!) and Uncle Forrest’s 50th! They have the same birthday and I can think of no better way to celebrate the lives of these top-notch Weavers. It is also my best friend, Letice’s birthday! Cake all around!

–Spring cleaning. Nothing in particular, just cleaning. Maybe I will even paint a chair or two in the dining area. I would also love to get a few things hung in the bedroom.

–This may sound selfish, but I want to try to take more time for myself. Whether that is training for a half marathon (My cousin and I are shooting for one in October), doing yoga in the morning, or just taking Lemon on more walks I have been really needing time to just clear my head and unwind the constant questions surrounding the future.

–Read the Hunger Games. Cliche` but yes.

–Figure out what to do with the danged vase and apothecary jars on my fire-place. We are in a love hate relationship at the moment.

I hope you are having a wonderful monday! In honor of Jordan getting us tickets to see Tenacious D this summer I leave you with Jack Black:


Current favorites and what I am attempting to “lent” out

–I must be in a constant state of dehydration because recently I cannot get enough water. I also like to think that I look like Jennifer Aniston when I drink Smartwater. Maybe.
–Thanks to my super Nike running band, I have happily (sometimes) re-introduced daily exercise to my life.
–It is Cuties season! YAY!! I have eaten 4 today and have orange fingers from peeling them all. Like Cheetos fingers but healthy.
–As I mentioned before, I love Essie nail polish and this color is my newest love.

This year, is the first year, that I have decided to give something up for lent. I am going with the following.
Dr. Pepper (10s included) and sweets. I am on day 1 and am already experiencing some serious cravings. There is a little bowl of Valentine’s candy that mocks me sits on my desk and I have caught myself looking at it longingly. This is the same for Dr. Pepper…

I am not sure if you are supposed to give up something that keeps you away from spirituality for lent, or just something random, but I know that it will take lots of prayer to get me through 40 days without either of these things. So I am going to say that counts.

Hope you have a great Wednesday and good luck with whatever you choose, if you do decide, to lent.

Current Favorites

Currently loving:

(Sparkling flavored water. HEB brand is my favorite. It is pretty hard to pass up 2 for $1.)

(I have great difficulty when it comes to painting my own fingernails. I am amazing at painting the left hand but when I do the right, it looks like I let a 4-year-old help me out. So this current style has been the answer to so many problems! Clear polish and glitter. I can do this to myself, and my right hand can be safe from potential ridicule.)

(Yes, my love for this show continues to grow. Why did I doubt it again?)

(The newest album from Incubus. I love how different this one is from all their others albums. This album is also pumping me up to see them in October! They are simply amazing live. Brandon Boyd can do no wrong.)

Currently wanting:

(A mile tacker by Nike. The thing I hate most about running in the outdoors, besides the heat, is having no clue how far I have gone. This is incredible and I need to get my hands on one of these stat!)

Hope your Tuesday is going well 🙂

We must be crazy

So a few weeks ago Jordan and I decided we were going to start training for a marathon. The word is incredibly easy to say, the concept is much more difficult. When we made this decision, I could barely run 1 mile without stopping/dieing. We have to be able to run 6 miles before we can do the training…and let me tell you it is difficult. Treadmill running has always been a favorite of mine. Outside running, with hills and heat and heat and hills is a whole different story. Personally, I have been going through my own strenuous training for this marathon while working.  For example: high heels, downtown, fetching  the mail (which is a good 4-5 blocks), walking to the Capital (when I walk the correct direction this is about 5 blocks also. When going the wrong direction it can be about 10-12. That was an embarrassing day).  It is this “training” frame of mind that I am actually alright with walking all over downtown in the heat and in the most painful shoes in all the World. It is also because of this “training” that I can go from “Professional Public Relations” Annie to something resembling a little kid who just got done with recess, simply from a quick trip to the mail box… hair askew, face flushed, and a slight “hobble” in my step. Classy.

We honestly have no clue what the heck we are getting ourselves into, but we are going for 26.2! The race is in November in San Antonio…prayers would be much appreciated.

              ( This is my goal. If I am able to achieve it, I just may never take this shirt off. )