ACL 2012: A review.

 This was our second year in a row to get to attend ACL and we waited anxiously, for over a year, to get to put on our 3-day passes. Last year we just went 1 day but Jordan hit the lottery and scored us passes for $50 each. At the time we had no clue who the line-up would be…so we crossed our fingers and hoped it would not disappoint.

Here are my top 5 (in no particular order):

1. The Avett Brothers. So much energy and just incredibly talented. I have seen them once before as an opening act, but this time they killed it. (While waiting for this show we met some entertaining super fans from North Carolina. One of them told me her personal life story and the other told Jordan way more than he wanted to know about a number of topics.)

2. Weezer. This was a greatest hit show and it was perfect. They were so much fun to watch and I was reminded of just how much I really love that band. AND they played “Greatest Man That Ever Lived” so 100 points to Weezer.  

3. The Civil Wars. Amazing live and the most kind in person. We have officially become super fans. Just quiz me on my Civil Wars knowledge. I will get at least 3/4 of the questions correct.  (It felt like it was 10 billion degrees before this show so I was thankful to have an umbrella. When you are the keeper of the shade it is interesting to see who wants to be your friend. One boy became my best friend and chatted me up about oil until Jordan came back and quickly turned the conversation to zombies.)

4. The Roots. {I silently hoped that Jimmy Fallon would make a cameo, but alas it did not happen.} The Roots were freaking fantastic. The only time they would stop moving  was to “freeze” in various poses which was hilarious. Quest Love, you are precious. Just FYI.  (Prior to this show we got monsooned on for a solid 30 minutes. Our attempt at staying dry was very weak but we were determined to be as close to the stage as possible. One guy made it back to his group saying that he had never been so thankful to hangout in a port-a-potty before.)

5. Father John Misty. I have mentioned my love for FJM before but, people, seeing him dance, crawl, and lounge all over the place was more than I had hoped for. He was truly entertaining and I am putting him on my “Must See Again” list. (Side note: He would tell a short story between each song, kept it classy by tucking his shirt back in, and wore heart-shaped sunglasses. What a man)

Honorable Mention:

1. Jack White. I love Jack White and was so looking forward to seeing him perform. He is such an amazing musician and his band was made up of all girls {points there} but overall I was a little disappointed. So we were ready to leave…but then he went and played Seven Nation Army and totally redeemed himself.

2. The Baylor Choir. Talk about an uplifting experience for your Sunday morning! Such open hearts and beautiful voices. I had chills. And if I closed my eyes I felt like I was back in South Africa. It was an unexpectedly wonderful moment in the weekend.

3. M83. We were warned not to try to see M83 again…but we did not listen. Actually, I did not listen. The memory of seeing them a few months before was still with me and I wanted an equally as incredible show. Big bummer because that did not happen. They were great, but the sound where we were was terrible and there was a random girl shouting about how she was going to get a tattoo like Fiona Apple. When her friends asked her how she felt about being unoriginal she said, “A compliment is the highest form of flattery.”  At this statement I was done and we walked to M.Ward, who was very good live.

4. Gary Clark Jr. This guy. No words for his performance other than ridiculously good.

Favorite Moments:

1. Walking in and seeing all the people with the Austin sky-line in the background.

2. A girl was convinced that was walking in poop while making her way through the mud.

3. Meeting the Civil Wars.

4. The food. Oh mercy. Mighty Cone, you will always have a piece of my heart.

5. I have to give myself a pat on the back for not having to use the port-a-potty 1 time. Yay self!

6. That husband of mine was able to get us $50 3-day passes again! Cheers to next year!



Loving: Finally feeling like I have found a routine with life here. There are a number of things that I miss about Jordan and I having our own space but for now I am finding peace with where we are. This cannot be said without mentioning my wonderful parents for keeping us under your new roof. Y’all are the best. Really and truly. I also got to spend some time with two of my favorites at a beautiful wedding last weekend. Big congrats to Mr and Mrs Lowery!

Reading: Starting Mockingjay and just finished Catching Fire! It only took me forever. The only other time that it has taken me an obnoxiously long time to get through a book, that I really liked, was Harry Potter 5. It took 2 years! Just crazy. I constantly have Special Topics of Calamity Physics on stand by when I need something different and I hope to re-(re)-read The Perks of Being a Wallflower {So excited for that movie. I cried during the trailer.}

Watching: Now that the Olympics are over probably not much of anything with the exception of HGTV. That channel is like TV cocaine.

Anticipating: Ugh…probably more than I should. I feel like I am in a constant state of anticipation, specifically about work and running. Planning events for work, still being new to my job, and training for this half marathon in October have really gotten to me. Funny how, at times, the things that we enjoy can still stress us out.

Listening: The Hunger Games on CD and  Regina Spektor: What We Saw From The Cheap Seats. Such a good album. To me, this is one of those “push replay swiftly after you finish” albums. She could sing a song about a time-traveling goldfish and it would still be beautiful. I have also fallen in love with NPR. I listen to it non-stop in my car. {I also love that I have a 0% chance of hearing “Call Me Maybe” on this station. Sweet relief for the ears.}

Planning: Our next trip to Lubbock this week  to welcome home Jordan’s brother. He has spent the summer in Maine and will soon be on his way to Washington DC. Such an adventurous spirit, that brother-in-law of mine. I am also looking forward to all the August birthdays! {Mom, me, and brother!}

Working On: Finding some motivation to start getting up earlier in the morning. I have big dreams of coffee, bagels, journals, and morning yoga…but this is always replaced by a crazy rush of a morning where sitting down is only an option when driving to work. And I am always generally running late.

Wishing: That you are having a wonderful August so far and that you eat lots of snocones to help take an edge off the heat.

4 1/2 days in Austin.

{And I did not take a single picture. *Shame* Instead I have borrowed from the internet to make it more colorful}

Jordan and I arrived in that beautiful city on Wednesday evening and were immediately welcomed by some of our favorites, Seth, Erin, and Tank.

Thursday we ate Torchy’s (please Midland open your arms to this place so I can have it in my life on a more consistent basis), ran around town, prepared our minds for Tenacious D, and stuffed ourselves with Homeslice.

{Hands down one of the best shows I have ever attended. Although, I feel like I say that each time I go to a new concert. One day I will rank them all, but for now The D is in my top 5. They did not disappoint, so *thank you Tenacious D}

Friday we set out for the Pedernales (one of my most favorite places in Austin) to swim and spend the day. Our day was cut short, however, due to Seth’s great fall on the rocks. The poor guy had a nasty gash in his elbow that required 4 stitches, a  much-needed trip to P. Terry’s, and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Saturday was Batman day. This movie was amazing. Please go see it right away.

Sunday my lovely friend Cassie hosted brunch before we packed up to leave. {That girl can make a fritatta.} Jordan and I spent the rest of our time in Austin at Whole Foods where I tried convince myself that I could get a plant to travel safely back to Midland with me. No such luck.

We had such a wonderful 4 1/2 days and were so sad to leave. But we drove back to Midland ready for what was to come in this week…JORDAN’S FIRST WEEK OF WORK!!! Praise the Lord. I am just so proud of that husband 🙂

*Continued thank you’s and other thoughts on the weekend:
-Thank you to Seth and Erin, as always, for opening your home to us.
-Thank you to Erin for running (and walking lots) with me and still wanting to be my friend in spite of my complaining.
-Thank you to Tank for being a very persistent peeping Tom while Jordan was showering. (And to be clear, Tank is a dog.)
-Thank you to Cassie and Andrew for making us yummy food and mimosas.
-Thank you to Hannah Love for working at a place with a rocking aquarium which made me feel like I was in Romeo and Juliet when I say you on the other side of the glass.
-My heart is broken for Colorado and all that the state has gone through this summer. Lots and lots of prayers for healing.
-Thank you UTPB for giving my husband a job so that we can live in the same town again. I mean really, this is just the best.


The Graduate.

Oh, hey blog. I forgot you were here. Sorry about that. Life has been a non-stop road trip for us lately and it does not look like it will slow down any time soon. But, we have had the chance to spend time with some of our most favorite people and for that we are so thankful.
A couple of weekends ago we set off for ATX so Jordan could graduate with his masters in Social Work from UT! It has been a long road for him (all the other graduates) to get to that stage and I was so proud.
Round Rock Donuts. We would drive the 20 minutes to get them. Why? Because they are that good.
Puppy bonding time. Tank loved Lemon and Lemon tolerated Tank.
Friday night we went to see M83 with Seth and Erin. Probably one of my top 5 shows to go to.
love love these two.
Double Master Parnell.
Jordan and some the lovely ladies he graduated with.
Beautiful prego sister.
Lil Ken and Ray Ray were proud too.
The Tower changed colors with each college that was represented at the parade of graduates.

It was a long day but such a wonderful experience to get to share with Jordan.

Also: a couple of weeks ago Jordan, Shelley and Jacob all graduated from LCU! Congrats to my sweet family!

I leave you with Father John Misty… My new favorite who will be at ACL this year and I am so ready to see him live. Happy Tuesday!

ACL wrap-up.

Wow. Wow. Wow. I’m sure you have caught on by now…but wow. This was our first year to got to ACL and it did not disappoint. Food stands, free stuff, and music. I was so happy. It was hard to pick a favorite moment of the day but here are my tops:

  • Coldplay singing “Yellow” (the song that I walked down the aisle to, as performed by the Vitamin String Quartet) and their entire set made for such an amazing show. (And just finding out that Christian Bale was backstage. Swoon.)
  • Cold War Kids. Always good live.
  • The rain at the Theophilus London show. Austin hasn’t had rain in such a long time, much like the rest of Texas, but with the fires going on it was so refreshing to have some solid sprinkles. I love rain at concerts. Case and point:

(Brother-in-law and I at the Dave Matthews Band show. Jacob, Jordan, and I equaled drenched.)

  • Ray LaMontagne. That smooth sounding Amish looking man was a delight to see live.
  • Reptar. The piano player wore a jazzercise outfit…winner in my book.
  • Sara Bareilles. We love her in this family.
  • Foster the People. I really only know one song, which is ironically the song they were playing when we got to their show. The first 12 times I heard them on the radio I thought there was a girl in the band. I was wrong, but they were fun to watch.
  • Pretty Lights. Super techno light show goodness. If you are not a fan of strobe lights and lasers, then you might want to steer clear.
  • Nas and Damian Marley. Jordan looked like a little kid on Christmas day at this show. This was defiantly one of my top performances for the day, which ended with Damian singing “Could you be loved” by Bob Marely (his dad) and it was just about the greatest moment ever.  Side note: The guy with the flag in the video was at the show and I was super impressed with his ability to wave that flag the ENTIRE time. My arms would have just fallen off.
  • Kanye West. Even though he was the size of a hot tamale, he was incredibly entertaining. He brought out the Ballet dancers in a few songs which was incredible. This was more like music theatre than a concert, which was great. He even made a 30 minute long public apology/motivational speech. That Kanye, what a guy.

ACL was by far one of the best festivals that I have ever been to. Here is my word to the wise, from the unwise: If you forget your sunglasses in the car, do not go buy a new pair once you get to the festivities. Why? Because you are likely to be leaving with about 3 or 4 pairs from places who will just give them to you for free. Go figure.

This is also my last week in Austin before the move to Lubbock. Incredibly bittersweet. I hope that you have had an amazing day so far and that you continue to do so.

May you day be merry and bright.

I finally figured out how to put video in my post! Actually, I had been doing it correctly this whole time but did not know until now. Oh well. So, now that I do know how to add them get ready for videos galore.

Here is my Wednesday soundtrack:

(I can’t get enough of this video, it is just amazing. One day Jordan and I will have a wiener dog named Jack Black.)

(This is one of my favorite Incubus songs. It never gets old.)

(Despite the obvious political motivation for this song, the video cracks me up.)

(Aaron Collier, our amazing wedding singer and friend, sang this song at our reception. Sweet mercy, the second I heard him start strumming the first cords I think I was bright red the entire time. Jordan and the guys broke out into a sing along, my little cousin sang about business socks all the next day, and Jordan’s gma wanted a copy of the song. Awesome.)

Hope your Wednesday is amazing.

Concert Teaser

Friday will start the beginning of mine and Jordan’s roadtrip extravaganza to Atlanta. This will also be the longest car trip that we will have taken together…ever. The audio version of Harry Potter 7 will be our bestfriend for those 13 hours or so. Even still, we are incredibly excited about our time in the ATL. Jordan bought tickets for us to go see the band Dispatch back in December, and has been anxiously waiting for this week to come.  We will also get to go to a Braves game (my fave), eat our weight in chicken and waffles, and spend time with his sweet family.

I am still new to this whole wordpress thing and do not know how to add videos yet, so I can’t let you hear/see the goodness that is Dispatch. So let me encourage you to go right now and listen to them. Your ears will thank you.

Here is a pic from the first “road trip” that Jordan and I took. Lubbock to Midland. Talk about a wild time.

Hope your Wednesday has been a great one!