July holds a good amount of activity for the Parnell/Weaver family and I am so looking forward to it all. Here are my goals for the month and some highlights to look forward to:

–Tenacious D in Austin. (Thus fulfilling a life long goal of being in the same room as Jack Black.)
–The mother load of an estate sale at Ry and Samantha’s potential home. (The previous owners did not die they just had too much stuff, so I feel OK about anticipating this event.)
— “The Dark Knight Rises” at the IMAX in Austin with dear friends who we have missed so much. Holy cow, it will be incredible.
–Jordan will be that much closer to being in Midland. The heavens, and I, rejoice!
–The 4th of July with my family and friends. So blessed to have this time with them.

–Finish Catching Fire.
–Wake up before 6 on work days.
–Start pre-pre-training for half marathon in October.
–Handwritten letters to people I love. (My friend Laurel got me some of the best stationary from an Anime-Con that I cannot wait to use.)
–Drink more water.


I hope you have a wonderful 4th,  that this month has been great to you so far, and that you come up with some great goals for this month as well!



$$ Tree+Michael’s+Stolen Goods=Christmas Decor.

Christmas mash-ups. Please enjoy.

(World, meet our mantle attached to our awkward island fireplace. We also have vaulted ceilings that I am trying to figure out. How high is too high to hang something when your ceilings are so tall? This picture was also taken before we got our stockings.)

(Woa! Like magic there they are! These stockings are courtesy of Target and cost more than all my decorations combined. I am all over the place when it comes to decorating and I figured my plan for Christmas decor would change from year to year, so these big red socks -a baby one for Lems- were a must have.)


(One reason I was so excited to find these apothecary jars at goodwill -back when we lived in Austin- was for the day that I could put Christmas ornaments in them. Everyone did it so I figured it would be a thrill. Meh, it was OK. I think I need to add more to the big jar. Maybe next year. My bird-cage -from Ross- is filled with white poinsettia toppers. The “garland” on the mantel is made from greenery I stole from the front of our street and the white leaves are from a candle holder from Michael’s. Oh! And the gold and silver stuff in the smaller jar are also candle holders from Michael’s.)

(Our tree! I plug it in as often as I can. I love this little baby. My wonderful sister-in-law gave this to us last year. With our fireplace being in the middle of the room it was weird trying to figure out where this dang tree was going to go. So we pushed it in the corner by the couch. Hoorah! My after Christmas goal is to find a tree topper and a tree skirt.)

(You were probably thinking to yourself, “What is behind the awkward fireplace island?” Well wonder no longer. Garnished with more stolen greenery, my Santa (which my sweet dad gave me last year -pictured below-) fits nicely.)

(And finally, or first depending on how you look at it, is our front door wreath. My crafty supreme mother-in-law and I created these from Pinterest. Fancy fancy.)
 I am kind of in love with my house and am sad that I can’t keep these decorations up all year.

Bottom line: I think Christmas decor should reflect you, your style and your memories.

“It does not have to be perfect to be beautiful.” -The Nester


Thankful thanksgiving.

I love thanksgiving.

For the past 3 years I have been able to take part in a wonderful Parnell tradition. Super Thanksgiving with the Crawfords and their family/extended family (Super is not part of the actual title, but I feel it is appropriate considering how many people are there. And in fact each of them are super.) I love this family, I love that I they are so welcoming to newbies in their home, I love that we sing before we feast, I love when their Gran makes her way to the living-room to cheer on her Cowboys,  I love all the sweaty headed babies that run around, I love how happy this tradition makes my husband, I love the abundance of food there is to enjoy (oh, and seconds/thirds/fourths.)

I am thankful for my in-laws and being continually welcomed into this extended family.

Later that evening we were invited to spend some of the holiday with Jordan’s good friend JC, his wife Karissa, and his family. His family is the epitome of  the word hospitality. I was so happy to eat an amazing Filipino noodle dish (Pancit) that I can’t get enough of and getting a hug from his sweet Lola.

We are thankful to have friends like JC and Karissa.

Friday morning we left for Midland to see my family and my parent’s new house. They just moved in about a week ago and I could not be more happy for them. They love the new space and my mom is being super spoiled by her humango bathroom and closet (and their garbage disposal and dishwasher, which they are still deciding if they will make use of these two things or not.) This was also a great  trip for Lems because she got to spend time with her cousins Squints and Joey. These three looked ready for Christmas in their sweaters and onesie PJs (complete with a butt flap.) My parents also gave us some of their old furniture to re-create and make our own (along with an old typewriter, roller skates, and a Vacancy sign. Jordan was in Heaven. I am so glad that we have the same taste in vintage pieces.)

I love my family and am beyond thankful to call them mine.

Lastly, in exactly 4 days Jordan will be home for good! Yay husband!

I am thankful for my out of this world best-friend-British-Guard-impersinating-husband.


Start as Kelly Kapowski and turn to the Black Swan

Happy Halloween (yesterday) to all! I am usually not that into this holiday, in the past I have used it to prepare my mind for christmas by watching Elf, but this year I was pretty excited to get dressed up in something other than a Christmas sweater. As I was thinking about what I wanted be this year THE greatest idea came to me…Kelly Kapowski. In elementary when we would play Saved By The Bell I always wanted to be Kelly but was the permanent Jessie. Bummer. Jessie was such a buzz kill to me and my 3rd grade self. Now that I am at a very mature age of 23 and I am allowed to choose who I want to pretend as, I was going to be Kelly. More specifically “Prom Queen of 1991 Kelly.”  I made up that title but it seemed believable.

Yesterday after work I went home, put on my dress, ratted up my hair (which I do not understand how people do that on a normal basis, I cringed while sliding that comb down my hair) then doused my head in hairspray. Lemon was not a fan of the hairspray. It made her sneeze 7 times. Seven! When I left the house I felt like this:

But sadly I really kind of looked like this:

I got to  Letice’s house and her husband told me I looked like a skanky Black Swan, but that it suited me. I had obviously missed the Kelly Kapowski mark in a big way. But, I let this be a positive criticism and went with it instead. I smoothed out that teased mess of hair into a bun, watched some youtube of the movie to better acquaint myself with the character, and created some makeshift ballet slippers. And got this:

The glory of a psychotic ballet dancer. Perhaps I will make Kelly Kapowski happen next year. One could only be so lucky.

I hope that you had a great Halloween and that your costume attempts were much more successful than mine.