4 1/2 days in Austin.

{And I did not take a single picture. *Shame* Instead I have borrowed from the internet to make it more colorful}

Jordan and I arrived in that beautiful city on Wednesday evening and were immediately welcomed by some of our favorites, Seth, Erin, and Tank.

Thursday we ate Torchy’s (please Midland open your arms to this place so I can have it in my life on a more consistent basis), ran around town, prepared our minds for Tenacious D, and stuffed ourselves with Homeslice.

{Hands down one of the best shows I have ever attended. Although, I feel like I say that each time I go to a new concert. One day I will rank them all, but for now The D is in my top 5. They did not disappoint, so *thank you Tenacious D}

Friday we set out for the Pedernales (one of my most favorite places in Austin) to swim and spend the day. Our day was cut short, however, due to Seth’s great fall on the rocks. The poor guy had a nasty gash in his elbow that required 4 stitches, a  much-needed trip to P. Terry’s, and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Saturday was Batman day. This movie was amazing. Please go see it right away.

Sunday my lovely friend Cassie hosted brunch before we packed up to leave. {That girl can make a fritatta.} Jordan and I spent the rest of our time in Austin at Whole Foods where I tried convince myself that I could get a plant to travel safely back to Midland with me. No such luck.

We had such a wonderful 4 1/2 days and were so sad to leave. But we drove back to Midland ready for what was to come in this week…JORDAN’S FIRST WEEK OF WORK!!! Praise the Lord. I am just so proud of that husband 🙂

*Continued thank you’s and other thoughts on the weekend:
-Thank you to Seth and Erin, as always, for opening your home to us.
-Thank you to Erin for running (and walking lots) with me and still wanting to be my friend in spite of my complaining.
-Thank you to Tank for being a very persistent peeping Tom while Jordan was showering. (And to be clear, Tank is a dog.)
-Thank you to Cassie and Andrew for making us yummy food and mimosas.
-Thank you to Hannah Love for working at a place with a rocking aquarium which made me feel like I was in Romeo and Juliet when I say you on the other side of the glass.
-My heart is broken for Colorado and all that the state has gone through this summer. Lots and lots of prayers for healing.
-Thank you UTPB for giving my husband a job so that we can live in the same town again. I mean really, this is just the best.



Making Ron Swanson proud.


(I inherited my Dad’s crooked smirk.)

The rest of our evening was spent Christmas shopping and watching Parks and Rec. Pretty good day indeed.  

Also, I am trying to find a new theme. Can’t decide if I like it or not. I will probably change it a few 30 times or so until I find a good one.

Happy Monday!

Let’s pretend we are at Thai Pepper.

I found this recipe on Pinterest the other night and just had to try it out.

It is called Easy Pad Thai, and it did not too long to convince Jordan and I that we needed to try it ourselves. Here is the site if you would like directions. True to the name, it really was pretty quick to prepare. Maybe 15 minutes?

The only variation that we made was more brown sugar than it had been originally called for and we let them fry-up a little longer in the skillet. Other than that, we were pretty impressed with ourselves. We also listened to Thai music on Spotify while eating. I think it made it taste better.

 Word to the wise from the unwise: Make enough for both of you to have leftovers. If not then a sneaky battle for those precious last noodles will take place.

Thankful thanksgiving.

I love thanksgiving.

For the past 3 years I have been able to take part in a wonderful Parnell tradition. Super Thanksgiving with the Crawfords and their family/extended family (Super is not part of the actual title, but I feel it is appropriate considering how many people are there. And in fact each of them are super.) I love this family, I love that I they are so welcoming to newbies in their home, I love that we sing before we feast, I love when their Gran makes her way to the living-room to cheer on her Cowboys,  I love all the sweaty headed babies that run around, I love how happy this tradition makes my husband, I love the abundance of food there is to enjoy (oh, and seconds/thirds/fourths.)

I am thankful for my in-laws and being continually welcomed into this extended family.

Later that evening we were invited to spend some of the holiday with Jordan’s good friend JC, his wife Karissa, and his family. His family is the epitome of  the word hospitality. I was so happy to eat an amazing Filipino noodle dish (Pancit) that I can’t get enough of and getting a hug from his sweet Lola.

We are thankful to have friends like JC and Karissa.

Friday morning we left for Midland to see my family and my parent’s new house. They just moved in about a week ago and I could not be more happy for them. They love the new space and my mom is being super spoiled by her humango bathroom and closet (and their garbage disposal and dishwasher, which they are still deciding if they will make use of these two things or not.) This was also a great  trip for Lems because she got to spend time with her cousins Squints and Joey. These three looked ready for Christmas in their sweaters and onesie PJs (complete with a butt flap.) My parents also gave us some of their old furniture to re-create and make our own (along with an old typewriter, roller skates, and a Vacancy sign. Jordan was in Heaven. I am so glad that we have the same taste in vintage pieces.)

I love my family and am beyond thankful to call them mine.

Lastly, in exactly 4 days Jordan will be home for good! Yay husband!

I am thankful for my out of this world best-friend-British-Guard-impersinating-husband.


Burnt Orange Weekend (Part 1, phone version)

This past weekend I got to go back to Austin to see Jordan and watch Texas lose a game they should have won play.

My weekend was quick and perfect. Let’s discuss, shall we?

  • My friend Kim picked me up from the airport (she is fantastic) and she gave me some of her “party favors” from a promotion she worked the previous weekend.
  • P Terry’s for lunch (easily puts In-N-Out to shame. Shame!), Baby A’s for dinner (Without a doubt the best sour cream chicken enchiladas I have ever had), Amy’s for dessert (Candy-Corn ice cream may be a new favorite), Home Slice (there was a pizza carnival going on with a marching band, magic show and a fabulous cross-dresser. South Congress is fantastic.), and Trochy’s Tacos (Jordan’s favorite/current obsession. Torchy’s has become one of his main food groups).
  • Our sweet friends Seth and Erin gave us a voucher for a free night at a hotel which we used on Friday. This was incredible until we saw a cockroach on the wall, the biggest I have ever seen: —————————————— (Big huh?). So we promptly left that morning.
  • Saturday my brother, sister-in-law, and friends came to town to go to the game. (Pictures to come soon!)
  • Went to my first UT football game and had so much fun. We were pretty dang high up there in the stands (it was an intense work out getting to our seats) but we didn’t mind.
  • Thankfully, my time away from Jordan is slimming down. Just a couple more weeks!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well and that your week is going amazing so far. Thanksgiving is almost here!

Twenty Three.

On my birthday I decided, now that I am actually at a “mature” (ish) age, I need to also act/appear more grown-up. So, I walked down to CVS and made a very adult purchase. Red Lipstick (and a sleep mask, this was just a need. My obsession started while traveling to South Africa and I have had the same one from the British Airways goodybag since last summer. Gross, I know.) But, yes I bought lip stick.

I decided it was best to wait until I got home from dinner with friends to try out my newest purchase. I was highly anticipating the moment when I could show Jordan the little tube and put it on my lips. Jordan, that sweet husband, was enthusiastic about my purchase and waited as I applied this “instant-grown-up polished-professional mad-men-woman” shade.

The result was nothing but laughter. I looked like I was about to sing and dance my heart out in Master Follies (circa 2007.) Not the look I was going for. Jordan laughed too, which actually made me feel a lot better about the whole thing. (And word to the wise, from the unwise, remove the lipstick before you brush your teeth.)

I realized in this moment, that I will never be polished/chic enough to wear the stuff and every piece of me is alright with that conclusion. I have decided to keep it in my makeup bag though (1. because it was dang expensive. Don’t buy lipstick from CVS, talk about price inflation. 2. It makes my bag look fancy). I am 23 and can say that I am happy with who I am and what the past year has made me to be.

A wife, a new car owner, a lady who get her 2nd tattoo, an Austinite, an Assistant Account Executive at a PR firm, a multiple concert goer, a multi-state traveler, a new friend maker, an old friend misser, a mom to a Lemon, a bridesmaid, a honeymooner, and a Dexter fanatic. And above all these I have gotten to watch God bless and care for my little family. We have seen him open doors that we didn’t even know were there.

I am looking forward to this year and the plans that God has for me, Jordan and for our marriage.

I hope you had a great day and now for some pics from my bday!

(Dinner at Mandolas. Favorite favorite favorite! Photo courtesy of Jordan.)

(Erin and I)

(The men being manly)

(Best.Husband.Ever. This guy made me chocolate chip pancakes before work, surprised me with flowers, a beautiful necklace and tickets to see Hairspray on Friday. Swoon.)

(I’m a sucker for birthday cards. Even Lems got me a winner!)