July holds a good amount of activity for the Parnell/Weaver family and I am so looking forward to it all. Here are my goals for the month and some highlights to look forward to:

–Tenacious D in Austin. (Thus fulfilling a life long goal of being in the same room as Jack Black.)
–The mother load of an estate sale at Ry and Samantha’s potential home. (The previous owners did not die they just had too much stuff, so I feel OK about anticipating this event.)
— “The Dark Knight Rises” at the IMAX in Austin with dear friends who we have missed so much. Holy cow, it will be incredible.
–Jordan will be that much closer to being in Midland. The heavens, and I, rejoice!
–The 4th of July with my family and friends. So blessed to have this time with them.

–Finish Catching Fire.
–Wake up before 6 on work days.
–Start pre-pre-training for half marathon in October.
–Handwritten letters to people I love. (My friend Laurel got me some of the best stationary from an Anime-Con that I cannot wait to use.)
–Drink more water.


I hope you have a wonderful 4th,  that this month has been great to you so far, and that you come up with some great goals for this month as well!



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