On living back at home.

(Well I am official and have an iphone quality badge to prove it. I do feel invincible with this pass though. You show me a door I can’t wave my way into and I will prove you wrong.)

Sunday afternoon Jordan and I drove our little cars to Midland so I could start my new job the next morning…and then he went back to Lubbock. We are learning to master the living apart thing, as well as the moving a lot…thing. (I need to work on my vocabulary skills.)

At the moment our home dynamic is rare consisting of my parents, brother, sister-in-law, unborn niece, 4 dogs and me. We, and many other people who we told of this living arrangement, were worried. Luckily, E! or A&E would be disappointed if they came to record our reality and for that I am so thankful. Normal is perfect. On a note of thankfulness, Ry and Samantha are finally having luck in the home market! So fingers crossed and prayers said for them.

As for me, I will be squatting with my parents until Jordan and Lemon get here…so thank you Midland for the welcome back. You have been good to me so far.

Happy Wednesday and may your towns be treating you pretty nice as well.


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