ACL wrap-up.

Wow. Wow. Wow. I’m sure you have caught on by now…but wow. This was our first year to got to ACL and it did not disappoint. Food stands, free stuff, and music. I was so happy. It was hard to pick a favorite moment of the day but here are my tops:

  • Coldplay singing “Yellow” (the song that I walked down the aisle to, as performed by the Vitamin String Quartet) and their entire set made for such an amazing show. (And just finding out that Christian Bale was backstage. Swoon.)
  • Cold War Kids. Always good live.
  • The rain at the Theophilus London show. Austin hasn’t had rain in such a long time, much like the rest of Texas, but with the fires going on it was so refreshing to have some solid sprinkles. I love rain at concerts. Case and point:

(Brother-in-law and I at the Dave Matthews Band show. Jacob, Jordan, and I equaled drenched.)

  • Ray LaMontagne. That smooth sounding Amish looking man was a delight to see live.
  • Reptar. The piano player wore a jazzercise outfit…winner in my book.
  • Sara Bareilles. We love her in this family.
  • Foster the People. I really only know one song, which is ironically the song they were playing when we got to their show. The first 12 times I heard them on the radio I thought there was a girl in the band. I was wrong, but they were fun to watch.
  • Pretty Lights. Super techno light show goodness. If you are not a fan of strobe lights and lasers, then you might want to steer clear.
  • Nas and Damian Marley. Jordan looked like a little kid on Christmas day at this show. This was defiantly one of my top performances for the day, which ended with Damian singing “Could you be loved” by Bob Marely (his dad) and it was just about the greatest moment ever.  Side note: The guy with the flag in the video was at the show and I was super impressed with his ability to wave that flag the ENTIRE time. My arms would have just fallen off.
  • Kanye West. Even though he was the size of a hot tamale, he was incredibly entertaining. He brought out the Ballet dancers in a few songs which was incredible. This was more like music theatre than a concert, which was great. He even made a 30 minute long public apology/motivational speech. That Kanye, what a guy.

ACL was by far one of the best festivals that I have ever been to. Here is my word to the wise, from the unwise: If you forget your sunglasses in the car, do not go buy a new pair once you get to the festivities. Why? Because you are likely to be leaving with about 3 or 4 pairs from places who will just give them to you for free. Go figure.

This is also my last week in Austin before the move to Lubbock. Incredibly bittersweet. I hope that you have had an amazing day so far and that you continue to do so.


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